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Reasons Why You Should Install a Skylight

Who doesn’t want to get an outstanding sky view and style their roof design in such an appealing natural landscape?

But first, let us take you on an informative tour to tell you more about the pros of having a skylight dome in your home. When you finish reading the article, you might think of calling the nearest skylight supplier at your door and book your appointment with them! We will be extremely lucky if you choose us as your own skylight supplier.

In recent years, skylights came from the past to shine on our present as a marvelous way to bring natural light to your roof design. In the past, skylights were first used in ancient Rome. While now, skylights are being seen as a modern and fantastic style to any modern home and roof design.

That’s why we designed this online free blog especially for you to let you enjoy reading about everything you need to know about skylights. Today’s article presents to you the advantages of having a skylight installed in your roof design as an attractive dome.

Why should you install a skylight into your roof design?

Well, we can’t count the reasons that encourage you to have a dome skylight. However, we will tell you about the most important reasons that might have you thinking about bringing luxury to your home design and installing your new skylight!

Pro #1: Extra Access to Daylight

It is widely known that skylight sheets are transparent and there are various types of sheets such as the polycarbonate sheet and the acrylic sheet. The polycarbonate sheet is a flat panel made from resin while the acrylic sheet is also a flat panel, but it is made from transparent plastic.

Whether you choose a polycarbonate sheet or acrylic sheet within your skylight design, it is known that the skylight sheets are transparent and allow sunlight to cross all over the house. No doubt, this is considered as one of the most positive features that brings extra daylight into your roof design.

polycarbonate sheet Skylight dome

Pro #2: Eco-Friendly Heating Source

Another wealth of skylight is having a natural heat resource extended from the sunlight as the design of the skylight dome can be patterned to capture early morning sunlight which heats up your space from day to night. Furthermore, if you are worrying about overheating, you can customize coating shades for your skylight to prevent overheating especially during hot summer days.

skylight roof design Eco-Friendly Heating Source

Another wealth of skylight is having a natural heat resource extended from the sunlight as the design of the skylight dome can be patterned to capture early morning sunlight which heats up your space from day to night. Furthermore, if you are worrying about overheating, you can customize coating shades for your skylight to prevent overheating especially during hot summer days.

At the end of the day, we as a leading skylight supplier in the MENA region and experts in the field, can strongly acknowledge that a skylight is a powerful design element to your home.

With us, you won’t only get a wonderful skylight, your roof design will also be distinguished with a nice dome shaped skylight.

Hurry Up! Set your appointment with us to have a stunning day and night sky view!

Pyramid Thermoformed Polycarbonate sheets

Enhancing roof design with Thermoforming Polycarbonate

The skylight is an excellent solution to bring natural light to the home or building. It will become more beautiful when combined with thermoforming polycarbonate sheets. Designers and architects can make many forms of roofs by thermoforming polycarbonate panels. Like domes, pyramids, ventilation slots, and barrel skylights.

What are Thermoforming Skylights?

Thermoforming skylights are related building materials commonly used in construction of roofs in commercial, residentials and industrial buildings.

Thermoforming Skylights Definition:
Thermoforming Skylight is made of solid UV polycarbonate sheets, with a process of creating plastic objects by using heat and pressure, this process involve with heating a thermoplastic sheet to its softening point, stretching it over a mold, then apply a pressure to form the desired shape. By using this process, we can shape it into domed, curved, or pyramidal shapes, then used as skylights in buildings by applying a special extruded aluminium profiles which preventing watertightness and airtightness.

Thermoforming Polycarbonate Shapes & Designs

  • Square Domes: it’s a classic skylight shape features with curved, semi-spherical design. Thermoforming can produce single sky domes or Multi Skylight Domes that can be customized to fit any opening size.
  • Pyramid: A pyramid-shaped skylight adds a modern, geometric touch to a building and can be thermoformed Single Pyramid or multi–Pyramid Units to the desired size and specifications.
  • Barrel: A barrel-shaped skylight is curved like a cylinder, with a gentle slope.
  • Ventilation: Thermoformed sky domes can also provide ventilation to space, with options for manual or automatic opening mechanisms.

Why do we use Thermoformed Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate sheets possess excellent transparency, allowing natural light to penetrate while maintaining superior insulation properties. These qualities make polycarbonate a prime candidate for skylight installation since it contributes to energy efficiency by reducing reliance on artificial lighting while improving the building’s thermal performance.

Moreover, polycarbonate sheets are highly adaptable and can be conveniently molded into different shapes and designs using thermoforming techniques. This flexibility enables the production of skylights that match the specific measurements and design requisites of a building, providing an optimal and bespoke solution.

Benefits of Thermoforming Skylights

Polycarbonate sheets offer various benefits for thermoforming skylights, including:

  • Durability and safety: Polycarbonate sheets are highly durable and shatter-resistant, making them an ideal material for skylights.
  • Transparency: They are highly transparent, allowing natural light to pass through while maintaining superior insulation properties. This can contribute to energy efficiency by reducing reliance on artificial lighting.
  • UV resistance: They are resistant to UV radiation, which means they will not yellow or degrade over time from exposure to sunlight.
  • Lightweight: Polycarbonate sheets are lightweight compared to glass, making them easier to install and transport.
  • Customization: Can be easily thermoformed into a variety of shapes and designs such as domes, pyramids, ventilation slots, and barrel skylights.


When designing a roof with polycarbonate sheets or domes. It’s important to consider factors such as the size and placement of the domes. As well as any additional insulation or shading is required. Working with a professional roofing contractor who has experience in installing polycarbonate domes can help ensure that the design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re looking for high-quality polycarbonate sheets or domes that are built to last and enhance the beauty of any space. Al Mamary Aluminum & Skylight Factory is a company that specializes in providing a wide range of skylights. Including Retractable Skylights, Structural Skylights, and Thermoforming Skylights. Based in the UAE, they operate throughout the Middle East region. Including Oman, Qatar, KSA, Kuwait, Jordan, Libya, Tanzania, and Africa. The skylights are known for their durability and aesthetic appeal, making them an excellent choice for any commercial or residential space such as Arab Mining Company. To learn more about our high-quality polycarbonate sheet domes contact us now.

Thermoforming Multi Skylights Domes and Pyramids for roof design

Retractable Skylights: The Ultimate Solution for Natural Light and Ventilation

The Ultimate Solution for Natural Light and Ventilation

Retractable skylights, which are also referred to as operable skylights or retractable roofs, are a modern and innovative solution for controlling the amount of natural light and ventilation in a space.  These distinctive skylights can be opened and closed as demanded, making them a flexible option for both residential and commercial settings. They are a great option if you want to add natural light to a dark room, make an outdoor living area more comfortable, or make your home or place of business more energy efficient.

Retractable Skylights provide a variety of Benefits

  • Increase the amount of natural sunlight in a room to decrease the need for artificial lighting and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Offer ventilation to lower humidity levels and enhance indoor air quality;
  • Offer protection from the elements, such as rain, snow, and dangerous UV rays, while still allowing for natural light and ventilation.
  • Improve the room’s general appearance to make it feel fresher and more relaxing.
  • Flexible and appropriate for many different applications, including homes, workplaces, retail establishments, and outdoor living spaces.

Uses for Retractable Skylights

  • Homes: Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms are just a few of the rooms in a home where retractable skylights can be used. They can also be used to create a more friendly and useful area in outdoor living areas like patios and decks.
  • Offices: To increase indoor air quality and bring natural light into workspaces, retractable skylights can be used in commercial settings like offices.
  • Retail Spaces: Retractable skylights can be used in retail spaces, such as stores and malls, to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.
  • Patios and Decks: Retractable skylights can be used to make outdoor areas like patios and decks more livable and useful.


aluminum skylights Polycarbonate sheets

Designs and Operations of Retractable Skylights

skylights are available in a range of sizes and designs, making for a wide range of uses. They typically include a series of panels that can be opened and closed using a motor or manual system. It is possible to operate some retractable skylights simply and conveniently by using a remote control. The design of retractable skylights can also be customized to fulfill both the user’s individual requirements and the aesthetic requirements of the room.

Retractable Skylights Designs

Skylight Maintenance

Retractable skylights require regular cleaning and inspection. The panels should be cleaned regularly to ensure they function properly and to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated. Additionally, the motor and other mechanical components should be inspected regularly to ensure they are functioning properly. Proper maintenance will ensure that your retractable skylight lasts for many years and continues to provide natural light and ventilation to your space.


For those seeking to add natural light and ventilation to a space while also providing protection from the elements, they offer a unique solution. They can be used in many different places, such as homes, workplaces, retail establishments, and outdoor areas like patios and decks. A retractable skylight can improve the overall aesthetic and usability of the space and last for many years with proper maintenance. Think about the many advantages and distinctive design options available if you’re thinking about installing a retractable skylight in your house or place of business. A retractable skylight is an investment that will pay off in the long run due to its capacity to provide natural light and ventilation, shield against the elements, and improve the overall aesthetic and functionality of a space. Al Mamary Aluminum & Skylight Factory is a company that specializes in providing high-quality Retractable SkylightsStructural Skylights, and Thermoforming Skylights that are built to last and enhance the beauty of any space. Contact us today.

Retractable Skylights and ventilation
steel structure and a glassed dome Skylight for Arab Mining Company

The Incredible Skylight Designs by Al-Mamary Factory

Al Mamary is considered to be a factory for Aluminum & skylight. The company’s head office is in UAE, and it has been successfully growing for over 2 decades. The factory started up in 1996 and continues to spread many projects in the Middle East including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman and many more. 

Al Mamary projects consist of many skylight products, with services starting from design, fabrication, and installation for any industrial, residential, or commercial project consisting of roof light.

Al Mamary also provides solutions for all products related to polycarbonate sheets, such as partitions, wall cladding, canopies and roof covering.

Skylight Products

Whether we witness marvelous events or tourist places, we are mostly taken by the beauty of the architecture, especially the ones that bring back a vintage touch of heritage places. Al Mamary factory provides this structural skylight vision in an amazing way.


Skylight Value

The skylights that are designed by Al Mamary factory can reduce heat transmission and improve thermal efficiency to let your building work perfectly under any climate, on hot summer days the skylights Low-E coat in glass panels, will improve air condition efficiency and comply all green regulations.

The factory also distinguished a glass that protects from UV rays by 99%, and these designs are not built for massive buildings only, individuals can request their roof for their house or personal office.

Skylight Shapes

One can choose a unique and a special design for different rooms and buildings. And here are the shapes that Al Mamary factory can establish perfectly:

  • Curved Domes
  • Segmented Dome
  • Curved Vaults
  • Segmented Vaults
  • Pyramid Skylights
  • Conical
  • Pitched Roofs
  • Slope Skylights
  • Special Shapes
Skylight Curved Domes

As mentioned above the factory has accomplished many projects in different countries,
Al Hazm Mall in Qatar is one of these projects and there are more; Arab Mining Company in Jordan, Al Araimi Boulevard Mall and Muscat Grand Mall in Oman and Bawadi Mall in UAE.


Al Mamary Skylight Factory guarantees not only the remarkable skylight designs, but they also
provide much more for their clients. The projects include Thermoforming Skylights and
Retractable Skylight depending on the requirements. Multiwall Sheets are also certified
for quality and safety and other advantages.