About Us

Al Mamary Aluminium & skylight Factory LLC

We have the pleasure to introduce our company which established in 1996 in UAE as one of the leading Fabricators of Skylights Works in UAE and all-over Middle East region. We crossed the border out of United Arab Emirates, and we did many projects in Middle East, in Oman, Qatar, KSA, Kuwait, Jordan, Libya, Zingiber and other supply works in Tanzania and Africa.

With the accumulation of experience over the years, we expand our product range to include the following:

Rennovate Rooms

Structure Skylights

Structurally glazed skylights like Domes, Pyramids, Barrel Vaults, Flat, Ellipticals, or any other shape requested by the architect or client.
Rennovate Rooms

Thermoforming Skylight

Sky domes include all kinds of (polycarbonate/acrylic) thermoformed (domes/Pyramid) which is the core of our specialist.
Rennovate Rooms

Retractable Skylight

The retractable skylight is an automatic venting roof skylight with many shapes that provides daylight and fresh air or even to enjoy the outdoor sun in the blue sky or the beautiful starry nights through the roof .
Rennovate Rooms

Cleaning Systems.

Cleaning System Mamary’s motorized cleaning system designed specially to provide a safe access inside and outside the skylight , for maintenance issues and cleaning the glazing .
Rennovate Rooms

Hinged skylights panel

which can be motorised for ventilation or for civil defence requirements for smoke ventilation.
Outsourced Service In House Feel

Exolon UV®

Supplying Polycarbonate with The Exolon UV® brand – Exclusive distributor at GCC area for industrial buildings.

We Shape Good Lives

Believes that such powerful design aesthetic can only stem from the right work ethic- one

Al Mamary targeting to maximise customer satisfaction through services offered to all clients and architects therefore setting itself as the regions benchmark organisation, offering innovative, high quality and value persistent building envelope products and solutions related to skylight product.

Our mission is to be the best full-service skylight solutions provider, ensuring customer satisfaction, creating value for our shareholders & using specialised knowledge and facts to provide solutions.

Our target to be seen by our customer as the best sourcing for all Skylight Products.

Our word of honour to the client is a fair and transparent business practice. We try to retain our brand identity by sticking on core values- Innovation workmanship and honesty.

  • Integrity
  • Customer-Centric
  • Accountability
  • Employee Involvement and Ownership
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Sustainability

About Us

Al Mamary developed special profiles for skylight works
which can save cost and achieving best architect view. Also, Al Mamary team can do any custom design required by client / consultant, with the highest international standards.

700+ Projects

 We have done more than 700 projects all over MENA region, with various type of projects, commercial, residential, and industrial, includes shopping malls, military buildings, schools & universities, religious buildings, villas & places and much more.

We are solution for all your various Skylight needs. If given opportunity, we will guarantee your satisfaction.

For your immediate requirements, we are only one call away.


Ma’an Dirieh – General Manager

+971 56 303 7777