Exolon® AR

Exolon® AR

Abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheets for extreme situations

Exolon® AR offers a range of sheets with a non-scratch and chemical-resistant surface. The coating on both sides increases the durability, improves UV stability and minimizes clouding and yellowing. The extremely resistant polycarbonate sheets offer glass-like hardness in combination with the typical impact strength of polycarbonate. Exolon® AR 7099 is a one sided hardcoated sheet which can be used for lamination and printing on the uncoated side. Exolon® AR sheets cannot be cold-bent.
Exolon® AR 5
is a one or two sided hardcoated sheet with 5 years warranty against delamination and weathering which can be used for interior separation walls or flat glazing systems.
Exolon® AR FO
is a formable hardcoated sheet. It can be cold bent or drape formed into 2D shapes, vacuum and pressure formed into more complex shapes with moderate radii.

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