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Thermoforming Skylights(Polycarbonate)

The best cost effective choice for the skylight with high level of safety and security is Al Mamary’s Polycarbonate Thermoforming System , its provide the same insulating quality as the glass skylight and its much stronger as well .

Thermoforming system is unbreakable design with very good UV light resistance to increase thermal efficiency .

This system available in many different sizes with single or double layer glazing ,as you can choose Dome or Pyramid shape

Al Mamary using Polycarbonate sheets imported from international suppliers which achieve the following:

  • PC sheets designed against the harsh weathering of GCC countries
  • PC sheets co-extruded with UV protection layers.
  • Conforming to ASTM,DIN,ISO and Saudi Arabian standards SASO.
  • Backed with up to 10 years of limited warranty against yellowing.


Our thermoformed units comes in two groups :

  • Multi thermoforming skylight.

  • Single unit skylight.