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STRUCTURAL SKYLIGHTS (Polycarbonate/Glass)

The beauty of “FLAT AND CURVE GLASS SKYLIGHT” is now affordable thanks to our economical production methods. The beauty of glass is designed into a high profile skylight of outstanding value.

The superior performance of double glaring greatly reduces thermal transfer and deadens the sound of rain and outside noise. All skylights are priced to be a real value and still meet rigid architectural specifications with extruded, curbs and framing. To enhance performance, and the laminated inner-glass, which cuts the harmful UV rays by 99%.

These skylight are always working to keep your heating and cooling costs down while adding the beauty of natural daylight to your home, office or plant.

Mamary’s structural skylight offers unlimited design shapes which can support wide spans with high performance finish & glazing .
Any skylight unit consists of a welded or pinned steel with vaulted or straight main steel , glazing (glass, or poly carbonate), and aluminium chairs over the steel.